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Rana v Multani, Slip Copy, 2015 WL 2330163 (S.D.N.Y.) [Canada] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies]

Taveras ex rel. L.A.H. v. Morales, --- Fed.Appx. ----, 2015 WL 2263023 (C.A.2 (N.Y.)) (summary order) [Spain] [Now Settled]

Gee v. Hendroffe, 2015 WL 2151885 (S.D.Tex.) [South Africa] [Costs and Expenses]

Mendoza v. Pascual, 2015 WL 1880309 (S.D.Ga.) [Mexico] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Temporary Restraining Order]

Alcala v. Hernandez, 2015 WL 1893291 (D.S.C.) [Mexico] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Testimony by Video]

Pliego v. Hayes, 2015 WL 1893426 (W.D.Ky.) [Turkey] [Costs and Expenses]

In re ALC, --- Fed.Appx. ----, Not for publication, 2015 WL 1742347 (C.A.9 (Cal.)) [Sweden] [Habitual Residence]

Velasquez v. Funes de Velasquez, 2015 WL 1565142 [E.D. Virginia ] [El Salvador] [Habitual Residence] [Grave Risk of Harm]

Lawrence v. Lewis, 2015 WL 1299285 (S.D.Ohio) [United Kingdom] [Temporary Restraining Order]

Ostos v Vega, 2015 WL 569124 (N.D. Texas, Dallas Division) [Mexico] [Motion to dismiss] [Maintain Statues Quo] [Guardian Ad Litem] [Expedited Discovery]

Mendez v. May, --- F.3d ----2015 WL 627215 (1st Cir.,2015) [Argentina] [Habitual Residence]

Margain v Ruiz-Bours, Not for publication, 2015 WL 500685 (9th Cir., 2015) [Mexico] [Now Settled Defense]

Panteleris v. Panteleris, --- Fed.Appx. ----, 2015 WL 468197(6th Cir., 2015) [Australia] [Habitual Residence]

Gwiazdowski v. Gwiazdowska, 2015 WL 1514436 (E.D.N.Y.) [Poland] [Well settled defense]

Moura v Cunha, --- F.Supp.3d ----, 2014 WL 7251039 (D.Mass.) [Brazil] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition granted]

Gallagher v. Gallagher, --- F.Supp.3d ----, 2014 WL 7251039 (D.Mass.) [Ireland] [Consent] [Petition granted]

Velasquez v Velasquez, 2014 WL 7272934 (E.D.Va.) [El Salvador] [Provisional Remedies] [Temporary Restraining order]

Rehder v Rehder, 2014 WL 6982530 ( W.D. Wash) [Germany] [Habitual Residence] [Rights of Custody] [Petition granted]

Marquez v Castillo, 2014 WL 6883134 ( M.D. Florida)  [Mexico] [Habitual Residence]

Application of Stead v Menduno, Not Reported in F.Supp.3d, 2014 WL 6819547 (D.Colo.)  [ New Zealand] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Expert Testimony]

Singh v Pierpont, 2014 WL 6471374 (D. Hawaii) [Canada] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Res Judicata]

Pliego v Hayes, 2014 WL 6674560 (W.D.Ky.)[Turkey] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Expert Testimony][Privilege]

Jacksic v Serif, Not Reported in F.Supp.3d, 2014 WL 6685375 (D.Ariz.) [Serbia] [Rights of Custody] [Petition denied]

Mauvis v Herisse, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 5659412 (C.A.1 (Mass.)[Canada] [Habitual Residence] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition Granted]

Marquez v Castillo, 2014 WL 5782812 (M.D.Fla.) [Mexico] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Temporary Restraining Order]

Smedley v Smedley, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 5647426 (C.A.4 (N.C.) [Germany] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Comity] [Petition Granted]

Alcala v Hernandez, 2014 WL 5506739 (D.S.C.) [Mexico] [Provisional Remedies] [Temporary Restraining Order] [Judicial Notice]

Application of Inna Kharlamova v. Roach, 2014 WL 4983837 (WD, Washington) [Canada] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted]

Dawson v McPherson, 2014 WL 4748512 (M.D.N.C.) [United Kingdom] [Necessary Costs]

De La Vera v Holguin, 2014 WL 4979854 (D. NJ) [Spain] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted]

Matter of R.B v. K.G., 2014 WL 5347587 (Fam Ct, 2014) [New York Family Court] [Israel] [Well Settled] [Age and Maturity]

Matter of MG v WZ, --- N.Y.S.2d ----, 2014 WL 5026267 (N.Y.Fam.Ct.) [New York Family Court] [Dominican Republic] [Habitual Residence]

Seaman v. Peterson, 2014 WL 4377582, --- F.3d ---- (11th Cir., 2014) [Mexico] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted]

Berezowsky v Ojeda, 2014 WL 4216286 (5th Cir, 2014) [Mexico] [Habitual Residence] [No Habitual Residence]

Aguilera v. De Lara, Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2014 WL 4204947 (D.Ariz.) [Mexico] [Necessary Expenses]

Ermani v Vittori, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 3056360 (C.A.2) [Italy] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition Denied]

Tavares v Morales, 2014 WL 2038318 (S.D.N.Y.) [Spain] [Now Settled] [Petition Denied]

Buenaver v Vasquez, --- F.Supp.2d ----, 2014 WL 3058250 (E.D.N.Y.) [Colombia] [Now Settled] [Petition Granted]

Bowen v. Bowen, 2014 WL 2154905 (W.D.Pa.) [Northern Ireland] [Habitual Residence] [Consent] [Wishes of Child] [Petition denied]

Hirst v Tiberhagien, 2014 WL 3687425 (D.S.C.) [United Kingdom] [Necessary Expenses] [ Motion to Reconsider Denied]

Panteleris v Panteleris, 2014 WL 3053211 (N.D.Ohio) [Australia] [Habitual Residence] [Rights of Custody] [Petition granted]

Aguilera v. De Lara, Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2014 WL 3427548 (D.Ariz.)[Mexico] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition granted]

San Martin v. Moquillaza, Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2014 WL 3924646 (E.D.Tex.) [Peru] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted]

Matter of SLC, 2014 WL 2801053 (M.D.Fla.) [Mexico] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted] 

White v. White, 556 Fed. Appx. 10 (2d Cir., 2014) [Fed & State Judicial Remedies] [Petition Denied]

Vilchis v. Hall, Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2014 WL 2978378 (N.D.Ill.) [Mexico] [Habitual Residence] [Petition Denied]

Bobadilla v Cordero, 2014 WL 3869998 (M.D.N.C.) Mexico] [Now Settled] [Discretion to Order Return] [Petition granted]

Sealed Appellee v Sealed Appellant, --- Fed.Appx. ----, 2014 WL 3585835 (C.A.5 (Tex.))[Mexico] [Habitual Residence] [Petition Granted]

Murphy v Sloan, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 4179961 (C.A.9 (Cal.)) [Ireland] [Habitual Residence] [Petition Denied]

Sanchez-Londono v. Gonzalez, 752 F.3d 533 (1st Cir., 2014) [Colombia] [Habitual Residence] [Petition Denied]

Larrategui v Laborde, 2014 WL 2154477 (E.D.Cal.) [Argentina] [Fees and Costs] [Not clearly inappropriate]

Neergaard-Colon v Neergaard, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 2111307 (C.A.1 (Mass.)) [Singapore] [Habitual Residence] [Remanded]

Salazar v Maimon, 2014 WL 1688197 (5th Cir., 2014) [Venezuela] [Attorneys Fees and Necessary Expenses]

In re A.L.C., 2014 WL 1571274 (C.D.Cal.) [Sweden] [Habitual Residence ] [Acquiescence] [Fundamental Freedoms] [Petition granted]

Ortiz v. Martinez, 2014 WL 1409446 (N.D.Ill.)  [Mexico] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition denied]

Mauvais v Herissee, 2014 WL 1454452 (D.Mass.)) [Canada] [Habitual Residence] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition granted]

Pignoloni v Gallagher, 2014 WL 642596 (2d Cir 2014) [Italy] [Consent] [Petition denied]

Darin v. Olivero-Huffman, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 1053775 (C.A.1 (Puerto Rico)) [Argentina] [Habitual Residence] [Consent] [Acquiescence] [Petition granted]

Mendoza v Silva, 2014 WL 658068 (N.D.Iowa) [Mexico] [ Attorneys Fees] [Clearly inappropriate]

Sanchez v. R.G.L.,--- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 684606 (C.A.5 (Tex.)) [Mexico] [Proper Respondent] [Child’s Right to Appeal] [Guardian ad litem] [Effect of asylum pursuant to 8 U.S.C. § 1158. ]

Neergaard v Colon, 2014 WL 936691 (D.Mass.)[Singapore] [Habitual Residence] [Petition Granted]

In re A.A.S., 2014 WL 840010 (S.D.N.Y.)[Dominican Republic] [Federal and State Judicial Remedies] [Anti-injunction Act]

Lozano v. Montoya Alvarez, --- S.Ct. ----, 2014 WL 838515 (U.S.) [United Kingdom] [Equitable Tolling] [Petition denied]

In re One Infant Child, 2014 WL 704037 (S.D.N.Y.) [Singapore] [Attorney Fees and necessary expenses]

Vasquez v Vasquez, 2013 WL 7045041 (N.D.Tex.) [Mexico] [Consent] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition Denied]

Cascio v Pace, --- F.Supp.2d ----, 2014 WL 197724 (N.D.Ill.) [Italy] [Rights of Custody] [Public Service Org] [Consent] [well settled] [Petition denied]

Slight v. Noonkester, 2014 WL 282642 (D.Mont.) [Ireland] [Wrongful Retention] [Chasing order] [Well-Settled] [Petition Denied]

Larrategui v. Laborde, 2014 WL 128048 (E.D.Cal.)[Argentina] [Grave Risk of Harm] [Petition Denied]

Gee v Hendroffe, 2014 WL 60325 (D.Nev.) [South Africa] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [42 U.S.C. § 11603(b)]["Located"]

Langa v Langa, --- Fed.Appx. ----, 2014 WL 60110 (C.A.3 (N.J.))[South Africa] [Habitual Residence]

Hollis v O’ Driscoll, --- F.3d ----, 2014 WL 43890 (C.A.2 (N.Y.) [New Zealand] [Habitual Residence] [Costs]

Hirst v. Tiberghien, 2013 WL 6827813 (D.S.C.) [United Kingdom] [Attorney's Fees]




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